Reaching Deadlines and Results

By Dana Sadarangani

One of the biggest failures that I see in companies is not accomplishing deadlines. When a business is unable to meet their deadlines, it causes failures in businesses on all levels.

To G E T  M O R E, you need to do what it takes. Here are a few key things that can be a driving force in completing your deadlines.

Make Realistic Deadlines

One of the worst things I see people do is underestimate the work and amount of time the smallest project would take. Give ample time and communicate a reasonable timeframe on when a project should be completed by your team. Remember, always leave room for a margin of error.


It’s human nature to work on things that people enjoy first and procrastinate on ones that are disliked. However, remind your team to prioritize everything according to urgency. 

Create a Schedule

Rome was not built in one day; your project will not be completed in one sitting either. The project should be completed in pieces. Separate and divide the project into smaller goals. Smaller goals are scientifically proven easier to achieve than larger goals.

Take Breaks Early

When on a project for a long period of time, taking early breaks can keep you rejuvenated when the final hours come down to the deadline. Be sure to save your energy for those times. This does not mean to gossip with your co-workers. Go out and get fresh air, be alone for a bit.

Managing Lame Excuses

Employees often blame slow progress on lack of time on a project, what is never the case. The truth is, time management issues often results from an employee working outside their comfort zone. 

Most of the time the employee will tell their manager what they want to hear to get them off their back. This will never get the job done right. 

A good question to ask in this situation is “Are there any obstacles in your way that needs to be taken care of?” Making your employee accountable for their deadlines gives them a more incentive to complete them. Be sure to check back in with the employee and see what progress has been made. 


Many people would disagree with this statement; however, I believe feelings will get hurt no matter what you do. When you have deadlines, focus on one goal, meeting your deadline efficiently and properly. Frustrations will grow and people will feel they are being trampled over but you can always mend the relationships after meeting your deadline.


 This is Accounting Your Life and once you follow these steps, you will G E T  M O R E.